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Wooden Sandwich Making Play Set

Product Number: LCI513
Stack your sandwich the way you like it with the 16 "fixins" in this wooden sandwich kit. Use the wooden knife to slice apart...



Stack your sandwich the way you like it with the 16 "fixins" in this wooden sandwich kit. Use the wooden knife to slice apart the pieces--a satisfying "crunch" sound tells you your ingredients are fresh! The included wooden storage tray is perfect for keeping it all organized between meals.

  • 16 wooden sandwich ingredients to stack your sandwich any way you like it
  • Makes a satisfying "crunch" sound when the included wooden knife slices the pieces apart
  • Wooden storage tray
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and safety
  • 3+ years

Discover Countless Ways To Play

  1. Ask the child to identify each food and to categorize it by the basic food groups: meat, dairy, grain, or fruits and vegetables.
  2. Ask the child to make you a sandwich. Specify the kind of sandwich you would like and list the order in which the sandwich should be made.
  3. Place the foods in a row. With the child, count the number of foods. Repeat the activity until the child is able to count them independently.
  4. Ask the child to place the slices of the sandwich bread together to form a small loaf. Ask him/her to use the knife to cut the slices apart. Explain that the bread was cut into four equal slices. Each slice is one quarter of the loaf.
  5. Place four or more foods in front of the child. Let him/her study them before asking the child to close his/her eyes while you remove one piece. Ask the child to identify which piece was removed.

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